Medical Clinics are designed to accommodate state-of-the-art technology while using a variety of architectural and interior design styles to appeal to specific patient groups. Healthcare facilities have been designed for pediatric, dental, HIV, physical therapy, OBGYN, podiatry and orthopedic specialties.

Medical Projects:
The Children's Clinic of Rusk – Rusk, Texas
Health Horizons / Dr. Wilbert Brown Health Center – Nacogdoches, Texas
Brown Family Health Center Exam Wing – Nacogdoches, Texas
Epic Therapy – Arlington, Texas
Overturf Orthopedics (coming soon) – Nacogdoches, Texas
Wood Forest Medical Office Complex (orthopedic, pediatric, OBGYN) – Nacogdoches, Texas
Hettie Legg & Assoc. Speech Pathologists (Interior Renovation) – Nacogdoches, Texas
Maroney Springs Medical Office Building – Future